For more than 20 years, we design and supply high quality, precision engineered steel structures, solar panel systems, space frame systems, architectural metal works and all facade solutions to commercial, industrial and residential projects. Through our companies SELGUK established in 1998 and IS YAPI AS in 2003, we are proud to have been involved with some of the regions' most challenging projects. We have a good understanding of complex structures and considerable experience in critical trades of fixing systems, including the whole supply chain for quality manufacturing, fabrication, delivery and installation. On top of our experience in light steel structures and stone installations, our main strength lies in designing, manufacturing and providing fixing systems and accessories to all type projects and challenging designs, with respect to limitations in stone type, size and quality. We prepare design concepts, prepare structural reports and shop drawings for any kind of fixing systems that we manufacture as well as provide delivery and installation services for our tailor made, project-specific, fixing systems. Our brand SEL-FIX has proved to be a brand highly demanded in both the Middle East and international markets. 


Optimum Capacity

Based in Turkey with 150 employees and a 4.000 sqm factory in Izmir, capable of manufacturing 20,000 fixing system sets daily, we produce fixing systems for all types of facades, including stone, aluminum, precast and copper, light and heavy steel structures, fixing for concrete structures as well as strips, movement joints etc. We are capable of supplying construction materials ss304, ss316, aluminum, steel, copper, brass in any type of finish and manufacturing, galvanizing and supplying all kinds of steel structures for challenging projects consisting of high-rise buildings as well as airports and solar power plants. 


Expertise in One Place

Since 1998, we have been a trusted supplier of advanced fixing systems for construction industry. Our ability to present flexible options to your needs is what makes us different. We understand how to combine appropriate materials and design options to accommodate your project requirements. In addition to traditional engineering and manufacturing services, we differentiate ourselves with our result driven, tailor-made, swift and professional approach to each project. At IS YAPI AS you will find fixing and light steel structures expertise in one place.